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Applications open for the London Regional Academy 2021 - 22


Applications are open for the 2021 - 22 Academy Selection process. The London Region Regional Academy helps young athletes from local and regional programmes to develop into the best athletes they can be, in line with the BTF National Development Strategy.

Academy selection is a 3-stage process:

  1. Eligibility, application form submitted and review 
  2. Swimming and Running Time Trials
  3. Academy Selection Day


Stage 1: Eligibility and online application

Applications are invited from athletes who:

  • Live in London
  • Applicants must be 14 to 18 years old by 01/09/2021
  • Are likely to achieve 320 combined points or above,
  • Willing to become a triathlon England member

The points calculator can be accessed on the British Triathlon Talent Identification website. 


Athletes should read the Athlete Development Framework and Regional Academy Guide very carefully as it will help when deciding whether or not to apply.

Selection to the Academy will be primarily based on points achieved at the trials supported by information provided in the application process.


All current academy members under 18 years old are also expected to apply.


Application form can be downloaded HERE

Please complete and return to James Beckinsale (Regional Head Coach) email: londonacademy@britishtriathlon.org


Stage 2 of the Academy selection process will be open to athletes who can achieve the required standards. Athletes will be informed by email if their application to the trials is successful as soon as the applications have been reviewed. 


Stage 2: Swimming and Running Time Trials

The Triathlon England London Academy swimming and running trials will take place

  • On – 18/09/21. 
  • At – Barn Elms running track and then 12.00 at New Chiswick Pools.
  • Time - 10.00 at the track. 

We will then move to the pool at 12.00 and should be finished by 14.00 depending on numbers.


If you don’t feel you are quite at the required standard or are slightly too young for the academy, James would encourage you to email him and let him know your training history.  This may allow you to trial and or become an affiliate member of the academy.


Stage 3: Academy Selection Day 

Athletes who are successful at these trials will be invited to attend the 3rd stage of the process the venue, date and time are to be confirmed.


Academy Selection

Shortly after the Academy Selection Day (stage 3) invitations to join the Academy as either a full member or affiliate member will be sent out.  

Athletes offered a place in the Academy or as an Affiliate will be required to become a member of Triathlon England if they are not already.


If you have any questions please contact;

James Beckinsale (Regional Head Coach) londonacademy@britishtriathlon.org

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