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Athlete Development Framework

Below is an introduction to this section, further detail and information about the framework can be found using the right hand navigation/drop-down menu.

Above: This VideoScribe explains why we have created an Athelete Development Framework

As a Performance Pathway we are in the pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to systematically support and develop athletes to go on to achieve Olympic and world success.

The framework is designed around a set of principles that align with British Triathlon’s core values on talent development and coaching practice. The framework focuses on developing more than just swim, bike and run. We want to create independent learners and problem solvers, athletes capable of consistently making the right decisions at the right time no matter the level of expectation.

This is a framework of development and not a curriculum. The distinction is important as our World Class culture is built on empowerment so the framework is deliberately non-prescriptive, seeking to expose athletes to exploring each of the 6 principles or pillars.  Their exploration and learning being enhanced through a process of guided challenge and discovery supported by coaches, support staff and parents.

In the same way it takes over a decade of training to acquire the physical standards needed for Olympic triathlon success, it will take a similar amount of time to develop the key pillars. As such, the framework will be introduced at Skills School, the first step in our Pathway, and remain a constant focus of development throughout the Pathway journey to the Podium programme.

The pillars are not by any means designed to replace triathlon training – they are triathlon training. Triathlon is a physical sport and there is no shortcut past innumerate hours of physical work; we are simply broadening our focus of development to incorporate the whole triathlete and in so doing better equipping our young athletes to excel in the highly competitive world of elite triathlon.

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