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European Championships Reactions


Hear what the athletes had to say following the triathlon action at Strathclyde Country Park. This page will be continually updated.

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Mixed Relay - 17.30, 11 August

Team Great Britain (12th)

Beth Potter

"It’s only my second ever mixed relay, I did the first one at commonwealths, but I did enjoy it and it was good fun. When gaps open they just open so quickly and you’ve got to try cover it but it was good experience and great racing in front of a home crowd today.

I definitely think racing here today and these last couple of days has highlighted where I need to work on over the winter and that was always going to be the case so yeah I’m just looking forward to getting stuck in this winter."

Gordon Benson

"I drove up this morning yeah. I’ve been injured all season so I’m just happy to be here racing and help move the team up a bit. I wasn’t meant to be racing till next year so to be racing in August I’m just happy to be on the start line.

It’s good to be able to come and represent the team and the other three as well. It’s always nice to get a chance to pull on the suit. It was like a home Europeans that I was set to miss out on so yeah brilliant that I got a chance to compete."

India Lee

"Yeah it was fun, relays are always good fun. Obviously it was hard coming to back it up after racing on Thursday but yeah it was a good day out.

They were good, and they’ve been good all week and so I was looking forward to getting out there today and representing my country in front of a home crowd.

Yeah it really does (give you a push), I mean they’re shouting the whole way and every time you came into the grandstand the volume went up, so yeah it was great."

Iestyn Harret

"Going forth leg it’s going to be tough, I think we all knew that and yeah the relay is so short and sharp it really bites, but it was great racing in front of a home crowd, the noise was fantastic.

The crowd was just spectacular you know, we (Iestyn and Beth) both raced out in the commonwealth games in Gold Coast and that was amazing, but the home crowd was just everyone shouting your first name and things like that, I’ve just not experienced that before, obviously Beth has but yeah it’s a new one on me.

I got the opportunity to race in Edmonton WTS two weeks ago and I had to turn that one down, and then I was really gutted to miss out on the relay in London last week to represent Cardiff as I really like to give back to the centre that I train at, but yeah it was really nice to step up today, race for Britain, race in front of a home crowd that was nice."

Men's Individual European Standard Distance Championships - 16.00, 10 August

Alistair Brownlee (4th):

On the pressure of expectation to podium

"Yeah I think I’m just used to it really, I always go out and race even today where it’s going to be tough. I’m not really fit enough and I’m a bit race rusty to get on the podium but I at least always go into a race with that’s I’m trying to do, so I put that pressure on myself as well."

On the race

"I really enjoyed that race today. I got really beaten up on the first 100 metres (of the swim) and that was really tough. The performance itself is irrelevant, I'm just happy to be here competing again. I knew I was going to struggle today on the run, but I enjoy racing. There were a few things that are a bit rusty."

On Barclay's debut appearance at a European Championships

"I think he had a great race here today and I think it’ll help him a lot going into the future and other top level racing"

Barclay Izzard (9th):

On racing at Glasgow 2018

"It was an unreal experience to be alongside some of the best in the world. I’ve had a foot injury for a bit so I didn’t know how my run was going to be, so to come off the bike and have a run like that and to come top 10 I’m super happy with that."

On competing over the Olympic distance for only the second time

"I think it’s mainly getting the nutrition right as I was in that second pack just trying to relax, get all my nutrition in, so when I come onto the run I’ve got energy to do my best."

On future targets

"I’ve got the world champs, under 23’s in the Gold Coast and that was my main aim for this year. This race I didn’t even know I’d get a start for it, so to come here and do that obviously gives me a massive confidence boost."

Marc Austin (35th):

“I’ve been working towards this race all season. It’s a major championship right near my home and I wanted to deliver a big result, not end up on the floor. I’m frustrated by the outcome, battered and bruised, but I was determined to finish.”

Pierre Le Corre- FRA (Gold medallist):

"It was really tough today with (two-time Olympic and three-time European champion) Alistair Brownlee (GBR). I was really scared of him because I know he's an opponent who is really hard to beat but today was my day. I'm really happy."

Fernando Alarza - SPA (Silver medallist):

"I am super happy. It's my first medal at the European championships. The swim was a bad swim for me, I had to fight a lot and the bike was very hard as well. But in the second transition I thought I could do this and take a medal but I did not know which colour."

Marten Van Riel - BEL (Bronze medallist)

"I came here for a medal and I have got the bronze. It is the first of my career and I am very happy with that."

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Women's Individual European Standard Distance Championships - 13.30, 9 August

Jess Learmonth (Silver medallist):

On finishing second to now six time Eurpean Champion Nicola Spirig

"It’s her sixth yeah I mean come on, give us all a chance! I'm delighted with second and to be beat by Nicola is fine by me. She was extremely strong today and hats off to her, I’m happy with second."

On how the race panned out

"I thought to start with that obviously Cassandre is a good swimmer and we might be away together, and to be fair to her she pulled a few turns on the bike but I knew she would just sit on because she didn’t need to do any work. When Spirig joined us I knew she didn’t want Cassandre there so I was waiting for the jump when she made that little attack. Poor Cassandre was just on her limit (on the bike) and we just left her, so then we worked together and just held out on the run."

On competing on 'home-soil' in Glasgow

"Oh it was amazing, such nice weather and the crowds were unbelievable. Yeah I’ve had Leeds in June and now here, it’s only a short three hour drive up and it’s just been amazing and I think the games as a whole have been fantastic you know with the coverage, I loved watching it all and I hope everyone else has as well, it’s been really good."

India Lee (21st):

On the race

"It was a tough day out today, I’ve obviously been in the Europeans before and I’ve won it so to come 21st is a bit of a tough blow because I always want to perform well but I just didn’t have it today. I felt really good on the bike actually but I just needed a few more people to help out with the work and maybe we could have made a few more in roads."

On her first Olympic distance of the year

"I think I was lacking a bit of confidence as I’ve had a bit of an up and down season and lacked a bit of consistency in training and so I was a bit unsure of how I’d feel coming into this especially because it’s the first Olympic distance of the year, so yeah it was just a tough day out."

On preparing for the Mixed Relay

"Yeah I’ll get back to the hotel and have something to eat, get some rest in, recover up tomorrow, probably go out and do a few light jogs, bit of a swim, bit of a bike and get ready for Saturday."

Beth Potter (27th):

On the race

"Yeah it was really tough it was actually my first Olympic distance as well and yeah it was just tough, a tough day and a tough course.

I’ve actually only ever raced sprint distances before, like 70 minutes (in total) so it was double the time, so it was just hard, but I got it done and the crowd here were amazing and a lot to build on for next year."

On the rest of the season

I’ve got one more world cup this year and then a French grand prix and then I’ll take some time off at the end of the season and get ready for next year.

Nicola Spirig - SWI (Gold medallist):

"It feels amazing. I'm really happy. I had huge support from my husband, my whole family, my whole team. I think every medal at Europeans or worlds or Olympics is extremely special and you should just enjoy it."

Cassandre Beaugrand - FRA (Bronze medallist):

"It was a very difficult race and not really my preferred race profile. I tried to push, push. I had a really tight race with Jessica Learmonth (GBR) which I don't normally do, because I'm less strong on the bike. I really had trouble on the run leg, at least I was not at my normal level, but I kept my position"

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