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AGM documents


Please click on the links below to see each of the documents pertaining to the South West Regional Committee AGM to be held Saturday 17th October via Zoom

Minutes of 2019 AGM


Chairs report

Treasurers report

Junior Race Series Coordinators report

Regional Managers report


Dear TE South West Member 

Updating the Regional Committee Constitution
At the upcoming AGM for our Region, being held on 17 October 2020, under Agenda item ‘Resolutions’, we will be presenting a proposed new Regional Constitution. As a TE member in the SW, you will be asked to vote on this resolution at the meeting, i.e. whether or not to accept this proposed Constitution for our Region.

What is a Constitution and why do we need one?
A Constitution provides the structure for our Regional Committee, which is a valued part of the National Governing Body, Triathlon England. It describes our purpose, and it defines the roles and responsibilities of the members, committee members and officials, who voluntarily give their time to help develop and promote our sport in the region.

We need one, as it helps all those leading, working and volunteering to embed good governance at all levels, enhance performance and achieve their goals. It is also vital that all ten TE Regions are aligned with the principles in the UK Sport and Sport England document: A Code for Sports Governance.

So, What’s Changed?
A lot! Since the Regional Committees were established, many years ago, governance policies and best practice have evolved, but the Regional Constitution has not kept pace with these changes. Consequently, each Regional Committee has been working together recently, via the Triathlon England Council, and with Triathlon England, to establish a new Constitution that will reflect these changes and also bring all ten Regions into line, with each other. 

One example of these changes is to reflect fully the new digital age which we now live in and allow electronic voting, this was agreed at the 2018 Triathlon England AGM, and so now each Regional Constitution needs to reflect this. 

We are also embedding within the new Constitution the aims and objectives of our Committee, which will be:
•    To promote and develop the sport of Triathlon in the Region in alignment with the strategic goals of Triathlon England.
•    To represent Members and support Triathlon England in delivering the goals and objectives of Triathlon England within the Region.

I would therefore urge you to read the attached 2020 Constitution document before the AGM, and to consider any questions you might have relating to the adoption of the Constitution for our Region.

If you do have any questions or queries relating to this document then please email janewild@triathlonengland.org, by 12 October.

Yours in Sport

Jane Wild
Regional Committee Vice-Chair (on behalf of the Regional Committee)

Template of New Regional Committee Constitution 

List of Nominations for committee roles

Please click on each name to see their accompanying nomination forms

Chair- Jane Wild

Vice Chair- Russell Turner 

Treasurer-Rachel Hepworth

Secretary- Alan Bayliss

Regional Officials Coordinator (Technical Official)

Junior Race Series Coordinator- Melanie Cumberland

Adult Race Series Coordinator-

Media Coordinator- Ina Morris


Any questions on the AGM documents must be raised in advance, by Monday 12th October, by emailing Jane Wild janewild@triathlonengland.org

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