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Why Wear a Helmet?

Those familiar with the British Triathlon Competition Rules will be aware of the requirement that a ‘helmet must be securely fastened and fit properly at all times, …when the competitor is in possession of the bike’.* This includes before the bike has been removed from the rack in transition, and until after the bike has been returned to the rack at the end of the cycle leg. But why is such an emphasis placed on wearing a helmet?

It all centres around safety! Helmets meeting European Standard EN 1078 (or equivalent) are designed with the purpose of reducing the potentially harmful transfer of energy to the brain should an impact occur.

Whilst helmets are only a preventive measure to reduce risk and not a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, British Triathlon encourage helmets to be worn during all training and cycling activity, in addition to being mandatory in a competitive race environment.

(*See British Triathlon Competition Rule 5.3.g for full text and rules around helmets)

Thinking about purchasing a new helmet?

Consider looking out for MIPS within the product details listed, as this “slip plane” technology is an additional safety feature designed to counteract and reduce rotational forces that can result from certain types of impact.

Find out more about the technology at

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