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London Senior League 2019

Events are selected from the region to comprise the London League, allowing clubs across London to support each others events, compete against each other and generate a healthy environment for improving performance, encouraging participation and having fun.

London League 2019 Race Schedule

Event Name Format Date Club  
March Madness Duathlon Duathlon 10 March Regional Cmmttee Round  1
Kingfisher Aquathlon Aquathlon 14 April Kingfisher Triathletes Round 2
Thames Turbo Triathlon Triathlon 6 May Thames Turbo TC Round 3
Crystal Palace Triathlon Triathlon 12 May Crystal Palace Triathletes Round 4
The Total Motion Aquathlon Aquathlon 25 May with Clapham Chasers Round 5
Artic one  Para League only double points Triathlon 27 May    
The Bridge Standard Open  Water Triathlon  23 June   Round 6
Dragon Slayer   CANCELLED  Duathlon 30 June East London Triathletes  
Windrush Aquathlon Aquathlon 30 June Windrush TC Round 7
Thorpe Park Standard Open Water  Triathlon  14 July with Clapham Chasers Round 8
The London Triathlon  (Enter the Saturday Olympic Distance to race in London League wave, use discount code LONDONLEAGUE20  for 20% discount)                                        Triathlon 27-28 July Limelight Sports Round 9
Midnight ManMiddle and Long London Champs (not in league scoring) Triathlon 11-12 August Bridge Triathlon  
Capital Tri Aquathlon Aquathlon 01 Sept Captial Tri Round 10
Clash of the Tritons Aquathlon 8 Sept Greenwich Tritons Round 11
London Fields Aquathlon Aquathlon 22 Sept London Fields  TC Round 12

Latest 2019 Series Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my club enter the League?
Only Triathlon England London Region affiliated clubs can enter the League. If you are unsure if your club is affiliated please contact the Regional  Manager - Jon Train

How does my club enter the League?
All Triathlon England affiliated Clubs in Triathlon London are AUTOMATICALLY entered in the League and there is no additional entry fee. Please encourage your triathletes to wear club team kit when racing in the League to promote and advertise Triathlon London's clubs

How do individual club members enter the races in the League?
Members from each club must enter the races as individuals under their club name, and we would encourage you to enter events early, before they sell-out.
Individuals pay their own entry fee for each event.

How does my club score League points?
Each club's best THREE team results in the series will count towards their final points score and must include one triathlon.

There are three team competitions, male, female and mixed teams.

Male: The first three triathletes from each club to finish count for a maximum score. Two scoring triathletes will also count but the team won't be able to score maxium points. Teams with three finishers will be ranked in order then the teams with two finishers will then be ranked below the teams of three scorers.

Female: The first three triathletes from each club to finish count for a maximum score. Two scoring triathletes will also count but the team won't be able to score maxium points. Teams with three finishers will be ranked in order then the teams with two finishers will then be ranked below the teams of three scorers.

Mixed Team: The first three male and first three females to finish count. Note that you can count for both the mixed team and the single gender team. Teams with less than five triathletes (3 males and 2 females) do not score

Alongside the League there will be a "Mob Match" prize for clubs with the highest participation in League events.

What is the scoring system?
For the Club League scores, the race winner picks up 1 point, 2nd placed athlete 2 points, etc for the whole race.

Total points from the three highest placed triathletes gives total points score for the team (male and female). The total points from the mixed team is made up from the highest placed three males and the highest placed three females.

The winning team (with the lowest points) from each race is then awarded 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd place 98 points, etc in the league rankings for that race.
In the event of a tie on points, we will look at each club's mob match score in the series to act as a tie-breaker. If points are still equal  then we will look at each club's fifth race score in the series, and if necessary sixth, then seventh and eighth.

Mob match points are calculated with every particpant finishing, scoring one point for their team in the overall score. 
Each club's total points for ALL club finishers in the race will be totalled and the highest scoring club in each race is than awarded 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd place 98 points, etc in the Mob Match rankings for that race.
League and Mob Match rankings will appear on this website following each event.

Age group competition

Again for 2019 the very popular age group competition. This is across all age groups, the age groups as defined by Triathlon England, ie. 25-29, 30-34 year etc. (Age on 31st December 2019). 

Triathletes in each age group will score points with the same scoring system as the Team competitions. The race winner picks up 100 points, 2nd placed athlete 99 points, etc for the whole race.

The best THREE events to count,( one must be a triathlon), and the overall place you finish in determines the points scored. The highest points total wins.

An open category Paratriathlon  League.

In addition to scoring in the other competitions there will be one point awarded for every Para Tri competitor with a league event finish. The male and female athlete with the most points  wins the  Para Tri League.  

For 2019 :-  Again this year London Paratriathletes who complete the course at The Arctic One triathlon on Monday 27th May at Eton, Dorney Lake will again score double points to count toward the Paratri competition in the League.

Are there prizes?
The various Club League winners, male, female and mixed teams will receive a Triathlon London League trophy.

The winners of each age group (male and female) will win an award. 

Mob Match prizes to be decided (based on level of sponsorship achieved)* 

*All references to prizes are subject to the level of sponsorship/advertising achieved for the race series and will be scaled accordingly.

If you have any questions relating to this area, please contact Senior Series Organiser

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