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Paratriathlon Performance

British Triathlon takes pride from the world leading performances seen by many of its athletes across all disciplines of the sport, and paratriathlon is well and truly part of this success.

Paratriathlon has been fortunate enough to recieve full programme support from UK Sport since 2013 with an aim of achieving medal success at the Paralympic Games. Since this time the British Triathlon Performance programme has aimed to developed a world leading support system for its athletes, enabling the Great Britain team to maintain its world leading position.

The British Triathlon team has been a regular at the top of the medals table at World and European Championships since 2010 and intends to do its very best to continue this trend.

Performance History

In 2008, British Triathlon held its first National Championships, and in 2009 won its first gold medal through Clare Cunningham at the World Championships.

The first Paratriathlon Performance Programme was created in 2010 to support athlete development, through coaching support, funding, and training camps; that year Paratriathlon was granted Paralympic Games status for 2016 onwards. 

This structure remained the same until April 2013 when full support from the National Lottery system was introduced and a fully funded performance programme was introduced together with the employment of support staff.  A new classification system was introduced in 2014 and by the end of the year three male and three male categories had been selected to represent the sport at its first Paralympic Games.  

Many of the athlete in the Performance Squad were now choosing to base themselves at British Triathlon’s Training HUB in Loughborough.  At this stage it was also confirmed that Paratriathlon would again appear at the 2020 Games in Tokyo, as such British Triathlon now runs a British Talent squad which caters for all categories of the sport with a view to being ready for the potential involvement of all categories at these games.

British World Paratriathlon Champions

Year Caregory Male FemAle
2009 Tri 4   Clare Cunningham
2010 Tri 1   Jane Egan
  Tri 4   Faye McClelland
  Tri 6 Iain Dawson Charlotte Ellis
2011 Tri 1   Jane Egan
  Tri 3 Steven Judge  
  Tri 4   Faye McClelland
  Tri 6   Charlotte Ellis
2012 Tri 1   Karen Darke
  Tri 3 Steven Judge  
  Tri 4   Faye McClelland
  Tri 5 Matthew Emmerson  
  Tri 6 Iain Dawson  
2013 Tri 1   Jane Egan
  Tri 4   Faye McClelland
  Tri 5 Matthew Emmerson  
  Tri 6a Chris Goodwin  
  Tri 6b David Ellis Melissa Reid
2014* PT4   Lauren Steadman
  PT5   Alison Patrick
2015 PT4   Lauren Steadman
2016 PT2 Andy Lewis  
  PT5   Alison Patrick
2017* PTS2 Andy Lewis  
  PTVI Dave Ellis  
2018 PTS4   Hannah Moore
  PTS5   Lauren Steadman
  PTVI Dave Ellis  
2019 PTS2   Fran Brown
  PTS4   Hannah Moore
  PTS5   Claire Cashmore

* NOTE: New classification systems introduced

Paratriathlon Performance Squad

Paralmypic Athlete Profiles

Representing the British Team

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) runs a competition structure in which the British Paratriathlon team compete in four different levels of international competition:

  • World Paratriathlon Cups
  • European Championships
  • World Paratriathlon Series
  • World Championships

This series of events is managed by the ITU and each event carries a number of points with it; athletes can also score points in the British Championships each year, this is how many athletes get their first step on the ladder towards higher level competition.  Through the course of each season athletes build points which then allow them to gain entry into each event, with the World Championships being the main aim in each season and the Paralympic Games being the focal point every four years.  You can find out more about how the points scoring works by referring to the ITU website which will give you more detail on the series.  Additionally, if you visit the rankings page on the ITU website you can see where each British athlete ranks on the international lists.

If you would like to know more about competing for the Great Britain Paratriathlon team please contact Jonathon Riall.

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