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Exploring Options - Higher Education

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Exploring Options - Training Centres

There are eight triathlon training centres around the country all of which align to British Triathlon’s philosophies on athlete development.

Irrespective of category it is important to be aware that each centre is different. In exploring your options you should look to understand these differences and how they interact with your personal needs as every centre will, for you, have its own relative strengths and weaknesses. If and when you decide on a particular centre our hope would be that you are really clear on the reasons as to why you believe that environment is the best place for you and your future triathlon, personal and, if relevant, academic development.

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To support you in being better able to gather and then weigh up information all centre pages have been deliberately set up in a similar way. You will see the same titles and information on each page, you will also be able to find out about entry standards and have the opportunity to listen to interviews from both athletes and coaches based at that centre. The interviews are there to give you a better and more detailed picture of what it is like to live and train at that centre. Some centres have more than one squad in operation and/or coach in residence and on these pages you will see more interviews. Entry standards also vary between centres and these can be viewed on each centre page too.

Remember that Exploring Options is about keeping an open mind so please do explore all of the pages on offer as a first step before ruling any centre in or out. To do so click on each centre listed below to go through to that centre’s own page and find out more about them.

While all centres are based at or close to Universities studying for a degree is not a pre-requisite. If you would like to train at a centre and not study please make this clear when making preliminary enquiries.

All Triathlon Training Centres will have the following:

  1. Access to high quality coaching
  2. Access to high quality training facilities across all 3 disciplines
  3. Access to support services e.g. sports science and sports medicine
  4. A performance culture that supports best athletic development
  5. A cohesive athlete training group

British Triathlon currently invests in three centres, Bath, Leeds and Loughborough, as these are home to World Class Programme athletes. The centres in Cardiff and Stirling are funded by each respective Home Nation and centres in Birmingham, Eastbourne and Nottingham are either run on a self sufficient basis and/or are supported by University funding.  

The Eight Centres

Please click on each centre’s name to navigate through to their dedicated page

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