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Moving Forwards

This is the final section of the project, and focuses on preparing for any transitions or changes to your current set up that you might make as a result of your post 18 decision. It seeks to support you through some basic information and signposting.

Whatever you decide to do, there will be some form of transition. At this point it is important to note that triathletes, given training commitments, are in general busy people and short on time. This can compound making a transition and does mean that in order to experience the smoothest possible transition, you will need to be proactive and prepare ahead.

Planning and preparing for this transition will look different for everyone, and while a meticulous planning process will work for some, it isn’t going to be everyone’s preference. Whatever your preference, some time spent thinking about what next steps are, and how you will take them, is worthwhile – as a triathlete we would very much advise against just turning up unprepared in any new environment.

Watch and Listen

To Olympic Bronze medallist and World Champion Vicky Holland speaking about the transitions she made when starting Uni along with reflecting on learning to manage her independence after she left home.

What if plans change

It is quite common for plans to change – there is no problem with this, it happens to the very best. Please see our page on A level results and moving on which contains interviews with Alex Yee and Ben Dijkstra discussing their plans changing and see the interview here with double Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee who changed plans after the first term of his first year at Cambridge Uni.

If this is the case for you don’t worry, you have more time than you think to step back and re-assess where you and your priorities are before committing again to either this process or something else that works for you in deciding what to do next.

Change of environment

If your living and/or training set up will change, probably the most important factor in supporting a successful transition, is you spending some time exposing yourself to and exploring your new environment ahead of making the permanent switch. When reviewing successful transitions across triathletes in our programme this is the key common thread.

Also important and worth thinking about are your support networks – friends, family, training partners, course mates (if at Uni), work colleagues (if at work), coach, etc. They can really help you with settling in and supporting you through the changes that you’ll make.

For those leaving home, either for study or work, please link through to our dedicated Leaving Home page for more information and some useful infographics.

Home Based

If you are either staying at home or moving somewhere that isn’t already set up as a triathlon training environment we would re-direct you back to our web page on home based training here and the interview with 2x World Champion Helen Jenkins

We'd also suggest, if you havent't already, that you start to think about how you can access the following:

  • A high performance coach who understands the demands of the sport
  • A good bike/run training environment
  • High performance swim sessions
  • Appropriate training partners/training groups for bike and run
  • Sport Science/Sports Medicine support

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