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IRC Selection

Represent your region at the U20's Festival

The IRC's comprise a weekend of racing by regional teams from throughout the UK at the British Triathlon U20's Festival.

Each region will take a team of 16 athletes and new exciting format for 2021 for TriStar 2 and TriStar 3 . All 16 athletes will race both days we are informed by Triathlon England.

T2 heats and finals Aquathlon Saturday ( 2 races less pressure)- Mixed team relay Sunday

T3 small distance triathlon Saturday  ( 1 Race)                              - Mixed team relay Sunday

This years U20's event will take place on the 11th and 12th September at Mallory Park, Leicestershire covid restrictions allowing and will be confirmed.

Qualify for the North West Team

Please register by email to IRC Head Coach or Junior series coordinator (emails lower down) of interest regarding the IRC competition .

The team selected to represent the North West Region will be chosen by IRC Head Coach, Andy Rawley. In an attempt to make the selection process as transparent as possible the main criteria that will be considered when picking the 16 person team of 8 boys and 8 girls of 4 of each in each age group is detailed below. All the criteria below will be reviewed for each prospective NW Regional representative.  Where possible, the athletes ability to work within a team, their attitude in adverse race situations and their ability to perform when it matters will also be considered. The triathletes that measure up best to all the criteria will be selected and any team selection decision will be final.

Performances from throughout the season may be  considered however you will need to do at least one of the open water IRC qualifying events in the table below plus one tarmac based pool triathlons from the Regional Series but all 3 events preferable.This year is slightly differant as we are only using 3 qualifying events and with the proposed IRC races  swim distances extended and the bike shorthened tried to get a mixed balance of all disciplines required for the weekend.

For the 2021 IRC event due to these unpresedented times with the Covid virus and lack of events we will only have 1 qualifying event which will be the Cholmondley Castle Triathlon on Saturday 19th June 2021. This will probably be a time trial format and not draft legal event due to restrictions, tbc. Training and activity days will be avaialble but these will need to be confirmed at a future date. Please register interest or questions at the emails below and further updates will be published when event details are available.

Race Date Entry Link

Cholmondley Castle (Draft Legal, Restricted Gears)  part of the big magic weekend at Cholmondley.( only enter once either here or the series page)

19 June



This  years IRC race like last years race will be on restricted gears, concept of restricted gearing (as used by British Cycling). In short this will mean that the highest gears on children's bike will be disabled so that they can't be used. There will be a number of opportunities between now and the IRC's where training about how to restrict a bikes gears and why it is being introduced will be given. Please see link below on gear ratio charts and legal wheels. Must be non carbon rims and maximum rim  depth of 35mm.

The following criteria will be considered in the team selection process and prioritised in the order presented for each of the prospective triathletes:

1.Must be available from 11th /12th September  for the event,with possibly 2 overnight stays in a local hotel and race at Mallory park on Saturday and Sunday before traveling home late Sunday afternoon.20 Hotel rooms have already been secured and the link will be issued once the team has been selected to the selected athletes.2 night stays may be required due to the races early start on Saturday Morning  , which all the team will stay in the same hotel, or may only  require a 1 night stay depending opn start times when published.
2.Due to funding which we are tying to gain sponsorship for, you  may have to purchase the NW trisuit yourself but all other costs including hotel/food etc will  be incured by yourselves.
3.Must have a suitable road bike or have access to one with restricted gears.Check approved wheel regulations below and gear restircted charts.
4.Must have a suitable wet-suit or have access to one and have participated in an Open Water Triathlon, an Open Water swimming race or Open Water swim training.
5.Triathletes to have raced in a draft legal triathlon, a draft legal bike race or can demonstrate competence from attendance at bike drafting training sessions.
6.We also suggest parents to remember the Parental Code Of Conduct for  all events with safeguarding for the children a priortity.
7.Athlete knowledge of the rules Drafting and Non drafting races.
8. Most of all enjoy the weekend (its long and tiring but fun), and don't be to overawed by the experience, you have earnt your place on the team.
9. Coaches are there to assist with any problems.



If you have any questions you can contact Andy or Paul details below:

Just to finish off over the past years we have spent in Triathlon we have learned how much of a role parents play in the development of Triathlon in the NW we have a great race series great numbers and great talent being developed in our Academy. So if you think of anyone who meets the criteria above who is not yet in the sport and would like to give triathlon ago encourage them to get involved and let us know. 

U20's Festival

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