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Age Group

Who organises Age-Group championships?

The Age-Group European Championships are organised by the European Triathlon Union (ETU). The Age-Group World Championships are organised by World Triathlon

Can I compete in more than one qualification race?

You can enter and compete in more than one qualification race per World Triathlon or ETU championship event but you only need to register once for that World Triathlon / ETU championship.
You can qualify for multiple Championships, although current World Triathlon rules do not allow an athlete to take part in two events within a 24 hour period at the same Championships so if you are successful in qualifying for two Championships that will be held within 24 hours of each other you will be asked to withdraw from one. Sprint and Standard are classed as separate Championships.
If a qualification race acts as a qualifier for more than one Championship you must register your intent for both Championships if you intend to qualify for both. You will only be considered for selection in the Championships you have registered your intent for. 

The event I want to use as race evidence doesn't have 5 year age bands?

If you are registerig your intent to qualify for Aquathlon, Aquabike, Cross Triathlon and Duathlon, Sprint and Standard Duathlon, Middle or Long Triathlon and Middle or Long Duathlon, you need to register your intent to qualify by adding race evidence. One stipulation of the race evidence you need to submit is that the results must be split into 5 years age categories. This is to align the results with current ETU and World Triathlon events and is also to compare your performance to those in your age group. You may use age groups other than those in 5 year bands however you should 1) check this is ok with the Team Manager; 2) the results should be freely avaliable on-line.

What if all the qualification places are not filled?

An athlete who finishes outside of the outlined qualification criteria will not be eligible for qualification regardless of spaces available. 

How many qualification places are there?

National Federations can enter a maximum of 20 athletes per age-group into an international Championship. 

How do I find the World Triathlon and Europe Triathlon websites?

The World Triathlon Website can be found here. The Europe Triathlon Website can be found here.

Where can I find the competition rules for Age-Group Championships?

Age-Group Championships follow the World Triathlon Competition rules which can be found here. The ETU also have a separate Age-Group section which can be found here.  British Triathlon rules can ber found here.

When will the rolldowns begin?

The rolldown place allocations normally start a few weeks after last quailficaiton date or, after the date which pre-qualified competitors from the current season have to register their intent to qualify. There is no need to contact the Team Manager or Age Group Coordinator to ask when these will begin. We understand competitors need to make plans for the forthcoming season and we will endeavour to begin the rolldowns as soon as possible.

How do I register my intent?

You can find out how to register your intent via our “how to qualify” page which outlines the process step by step. 

You can also click on this link to go directly to the GB Age Group World Triathlon and ETU event pages.

I can't register my intent to qualify

Firstly, are you a member of British Triathlon and, do you have the minimum of a Core or Ultimate membership

Secondly, are youmoving up an age group next year and, have you checked or your name in your new age group?

Thirdly, have you already registered and have forgotton you have done so? If you check in your age group further down the event page, is your name already on the list of those who have registered their intent to qualify?

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