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London Junior Series Events

Qualification to the London Series

To be entered for the London Junior Race Series athletes must either live within the London area or be a current member of a London Triathlon registered club and be a British Triathlon Home Nation Junior member. The regional affiliation MUST be set to London and reflected in your Junior membership or your results will not be included. This is NOT automatic based on club membership or which region you competed previously.

Further Information

If you want your performance in the series events to count to the London Junior Series then you need to make sure that you are a British Triathlon member and that your Region assigned to your membership is “London”. If you’ve joined British Triathlon since you entered the event please send the event organiser your BTF membership number before the event and they should be able to update your details.

To check your region, log on to your British Triathlon account. Then in the “my profile” click the “manage profile” button and in the address drop down you can see the “region” assigned to your membership. You can change your region to “London” here.


If you need help with your login, lost password etc, contact and they will be able to help or give them a call on 01509 226 153

NB. The default region is associated with your Triathlon membership and is based on your postcode, which is not always the region you would expect. Please also note, results cannot be added retrospectively to the series standings once you have amended this field. Only those results obtained after this is set to London can be added to the series standings.


There are six age classifications based on year of birth. Age for each group are as of 31st December 2019:

  • TriStar Start: 8 years old (born 2011)
  • TriStar 1: 9-10 years old (born 2009 / 2010)
  • TriStar 2: 11-12 years old (born 2007/ 2008)
  • TriStar 3: 13-14 years old (born 2005 / 2006)
  • Youth: 15-16 years old (born 2003 / 2004)
  • Junior: 17-19 years old (born 2001 / 2002)

Series Events 2019

Overall positions in the series will be based on a combination of 4 events comprising of 2 x triathlons, 1 x duathlon and 1 x aquathlon.


Event Date Entry Link
Crystal Palace 12th May Not yet open
The Bridge 23rd June Not yet open
Trinity 30th June Enter Here


Event Date Entry Link
Hillingdon 31st  March Not yet open
Medway 4th May Not yet open


EVENT Date Entry Link
Kingfisher 14th April Enter Here
Thames Turbo TBC Not yet open
Greenwich 2nd June Not yet open
London Fields 9th July Not yet open

Current Standings

The regional series is open to athletes between the ages of 8 & 19 (age as of December 31st 2019)

How are points calculated?

The London Junior Race Series is governed by the London Triathlon Regional Committee. All races are sanctioned by British Triathlon and therefore competitors and spectators must abide by the rules of the British Triathlon.  

Points are calculated based on the winning time with the winner receiving 1000 points. Subsequent results are calculated by dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by 1000 (eg winner in 18mins gets 1000pts,  2nd place finishes in 18 minutes 36. 18 mins divided by 18mins 36 * 1000 = 968 and therefore the 2nd place finisher would would receive 968 points for that race).

If a race is cancelled or is deemed not to have met the level of quality that we require from a race then the committee have the right to amend the number of points scored by the winner and the number of qualifying races to count in the series.

IRC Qualification

Each year a squad of 3 boys and 3 girls from Tristar 2 & Tristar 3 are selected to represent London in the Inter Regional Championships. This selection is based on their performances in specific qualifying races.

Full details of the IRC process, together with the date and venue of the IRC's themselves can be found on the IRC selection page.

IRC Selection

IRD Qualification

Each year 6-8 boys and girls from each age category Tristar1 to Youth are selected to represent London in the Inter-Regional Duathlon against the South East.

Full details of the IRD selection process and more information about the event itself can be found on the IRD page.

IRD Selection

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