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How many times can someone attend a club novice session or beginner session before they must become a club member.

This is limited to 3 sessions and must be adhered to otherwise the club will find it is not insured to run the sessions.

Does a closed club need a committee and have to go through TriMark?

A closed club is, by definition, is a club that is restricted, by invite only, to a specific group of people due to the characteristics of their work, employment or location.  A closed club could not fall into other club types such as a community or commercial club.  In most cases this would consist of HM Armed Forces, Emergency Services Clubs, University, Schools but in addition other clubs may be formed by a group of employees within a company not for commercial gain. They do not need a committee or currently need to go through TriMark.  However, there is no reason why they should not have a committee as this would allow them to apply for TriMark Club Accreditation.  For further information please speak to your Regional Manager.

Does the change in club type affect individuals attending a club; if so how?

The change in club type and affiliation fees does not affect individuals attending club sessions or their membership to the club.  The changes ensure that the club is properly insured to cover the running of the club.  Club members should also consider Individual British Triathlon Membership to ensure they are insured for their own training and racing for personal accident and 3rd party liability.

Do any of the type/categories have a member size minimum or maximum

Regardless of club type or category there are no limitations on club size.

Can community clubs still pay their coaches?

There is no problem with a community club paying coaches what is considered the going commercial rate.  This is considered to be:

  • Level 1 - £10 to £15/hour
  • Level 2 - £15 to £25/hour
  • Level 3 - £25 to £35/hour.

Clubs and coaches should remember that this should be on a casual basis and both parties should seek guidance on their position with regards to the relationship between employer/employee regarding HMRC.

Is the cost the same across the club categories?

The club categories refer to junior, senior and junior/senior clubs.  There is no difference in cost for all these categories.  The difference in cost is based on the club type and the declared total numbers within that club type.  This is different for Commercial clubs which has a flat fee of £355.

We are an informal club and would like to affiliate – what do we need to do now?

From 2020 there will not be a club type for informal clubs.  After examining current clubs and existing club types, British Triathlon found those currently listed as informal were largely made up of community or commercial clubs that had been wrongly listed or would fit into the new Closed type club.  This left a small number of clubs that might be truly informal made up of a very small group of people that trained together.  Club affiliation provided no benefits for this type of club or its club members.  These small groups would gain more benefit from taking out individual membership (so they are adequately insured for training and racing) or joining a local community club.  Therefore, effective from 1 January 2020, British Triathlon removed the informal club type and added two new club types; all club types can be seen here. Club types will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are fit for purpose.

We are a community club but operate through a sponsored name – which category will I fall into?

If you are advertising or promoting a business through your club name you will be deemed as a race team and therefore a Commercial Club.

Can commercial clubs use ClubSpark?

Yes, commercial clubs will also be able to use ClubSpark and all its modules.

School/College does the same structure apply for us?

If you are a university, college or school you will be deemed as a closed club.  Therefore, you will pay the same fees as a closed club depending on the number of declared members taking part in triathlon.  In most case this will be the lowest level.

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