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Gold Pin Award

The British Triathlon Gold Pin Awards are awarded to the sport’s leading figures to highlight their significant and long standing contribution to triathlon.

Name Year Home Nation
Nina Foord 2019 ENGLAND
Malcolm Brown 2016 ENGLAND
Steve Trew 2015 ENGLAND
Judith Brand 2014 ENGLAND
Marc Jenkins 2014 WALES
Jem Lawson 2014 ENGLAND
Leanda Cave 2013 WALES
Sarah Springman CBE 2013 ENGLAND
Dave Bellingham 2012 ENGLAND
Glenn Cook 2012 ENGLAND
John Lunt 2012 ENGLAND
Jack Maitland 2012 SCOTLAND
Andrew McBarnet 2012 ENGLAND
Catriona Morrison 2012 SCOTLAND
Norman Brook 2011 SCOTLAND
Spencer Smith 2011 ENGLAND
Chrissie Wellington MBE 2011 ENGLAND
Phil Yarde 2011 ENGLAND
Jasmine Flatters MBE  2010 ENGLAND
Peter Howard 2010 ENGLAND
Fiona Lothian 2010 SCOTLAND
Sarah Coope 2009 ENGLAND
Peter Coulson 2009 ENGLAND
Simon Lessing MBE 2009 ENGLAND
Aleck Hunter 2008 ENGLAND
Dick Poole 2008 ENGLAND


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